What grade levels are taught in Roosevelt Public School? Roosevelt Public School is a Pre-K through fifth-grade school, with a four-hour Pre-K and a full-day Kindergarten.

Group Students

How many children attend the school now? 81 students are currently enrolled.

What is the average class size? The average class size is 12 students.

What are the school hours? School hours are 8:20 AM to 2:55 PM.

Is there before and after school care? Both before and after school care are available on-site. Before care is from 7:00AM to 8:00AM. Pre-K aftercare runs from 12:30 to 6:00 PM, and after school care for K-5th grades runs from 2:55 to 6:00 PM.

What classes are offered in addition to the academic subjects? Spanish instruction is provided in grades Pre-K-5. All students receive technology instruction, library skills, physical education, health, and art. (Roosevelt Public School was ranked in the top 10 percent of New Jersey schools for its arts offerings.)

Are there additional activities available to the students? School assemblies are regularly scheduled, and individual grade levels facilitate a variety of programs. Supplemental science, crafts, and dance activities are provided to enhance the school program. The Recreation Commission provides additional activities.

What does the school emphasize in its programs? Emphasis is placed on differentiated instruction, collaborative learning, and mixed-age group learning. The educational program seeks to exceed the requirements of the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards.

What role do parents play in the school? The school has an active PTA. Parental involvement is encouraged at the school, including volunteering as a class parent and as a driver for class trips. Parents are welcome to volunteer for class activities, to read to students, and to assist the teacher.

Group Study

Are child study team services available? Speech/ Language and Child Study Team services are available in all grades.

When are Pre-K and Kindergarten registration scheduled, and what is required for registration? Formal registration takes place in March but children may be register throughout the year. A completed registration form, a birth certificate, proof of residence, and medical information are required for registration