Welcome to Third 


Language Arts Literacy:

The third grade students will be reading multiple texts about the same topic.  They will be able to compare and contrast the information read and extract important details for all texts.  We will continue to work on central message, cause and effect, using illustrations to gain additional meaning from the text, and main idea and details.


This month we will begin our quest with fractions.  This concept can be daunting to students who struggle with number concepts.  It would be great to cook with them and show them 1/8th of a cup, 1/2 a bag, or 3/4 strip of meat.  What is the job of the numerator? denominator?

Focus will be placed on making equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, placing fractions on a number line, and inspecting fractions that are bigger than a whole.

Social Studies:

Our biography presentations are due January 9th.  Presentations will begin on January 10th.  Have your child practice their presentation at home with note cards so that feel comfortable speaking in class.  Don’t forget to dress the part.  You may also bring in props to drive home the importance of the person.  Can’t wait to see them!


This month we will be finishing up our planet reports.  Each child is becoming an expert on a planet and will be teaching the class important facts about their topic.  They need to create a three question quiz to hand out to their classmates on the material that they presented.  It is fun watching them be the teacher.

Character Education:

What do you believe in?  Please check out the inspirational quotes by our class attached to the glass panels going up to the art room.  What huge hearts our third graders  have.