Welcome to Third 


Language Arts Literacy:

The third grade students are concluding the novel of James and the Giant Peach, by R. Dahl.  Throughout this book we have learned many amazing words, drawn inferences, made generalizations, understood the importance of a climax and resolution.  We can identify the protagonist and antagonist of the story and explain why.  Please check on your child to see how they are progressing with their author study of R. Dahl.


Please continue  to practice your multiplication/division facts for 10 minutes daily.  In fourth grade they will be taking one minute multiplication assessments.  We have learned, using the distributive property, how to multiply and divide larger numbers.  The students have learned orders of operations and can solve an equation that has more than one operation in it.

Social Studies:

The third graders did an excellent job on their Lenape reports.  I am proud of them.  Our trip to build  a long house will be on May 9th.


The students have enjoying our garden. We have learned all about the functions of each part of the plant.  Our class participates in weeding, mulching and pruning our shrubs.  We are lucky enough to have watched our Swallowtail butterflies emerge from their chrysalis and journey out into the spring air.

Character Education:

This month’s themes will be on responsibility and respect.