Mr. Santanello’s 6th Grade Class:

Announcements and

Long-term Assignments

(updated 3/12/18)


Useful Websites:

-Roosevelt Public School Realtime for report cards, etc. NOTE: 2nd marking period grades now available!


-Accelerated Reader

    List of books with points and reading levels, use this link:

    AR Book Finder

    Online testing site (for post-reading comprehension test): 

    AR Test (in-school access only)

-Online math website (daily use and optional homework)

    Khan Academy

-Scholastic News (for research or homework), class password is roosevelt6:

    Online Edition

    Scholastic News App

-The United States: Making A New Nation online version of textbook:

    US History Online Textbook

-Bibliography Generator (free, and use MLA)



Independent Reading/Accelerated Reader-

    In 6th Grade, students are responsible for reaching the goal of four (4) points worth of independent reading using the Accelerated Reader computer program.  There are literally thousands of choices of books across all genres and reading levels.   To access the Accelerated Reader list of books with points and reading levels, use the link above (can be accessed anywhere).

    The students read a book (mostly of his/her own choosing), write responses to a list of 15 “Book Discussion Questions” (BDQs) in his/her Independent Reading Notebook as they read the book, then take (and pass) a multiple-choice comprehension test on the computer using the Accelerated Reader program.  To access the online version of Accelerated Reader use the second Accelerated Reader link above.  Note- students will be able to access AR tests at school only.

     The students will complete his/her January goal by reading a book(s), doing all 15 BDQs, and earn at least 4.0 points on the Accelerated Reader computer program by Thursday, March 29, 2018.

Weekly Vocabulary: Unit 6, Part 2-

    This week we are doing Part 2 of Unit 6, a unit in which the vocabulary words were all related to “Relationships.”  This unit has also focused on the context clue strategy of  “Look for Antonyms” in which a reader can figure out the meaning of an unfamiliar word by how a word is contrasted in the context of the text.  There is a daily vocabulary assignment every day, and the test on this unit’s words will be on Wednesday, March 14, 2018.

NOTE: All vocabulary work is to be done in cursive!

Language Arts:


    The students are continuing the unit on Argumentative Writing.  The students picked a topic for the next essay, and the first draft of his/her chosen topic is due on Thursday, March 15, 2018.


Sound and Light-

    The students have started a project (already in his/her binder) about periodic motion.  We have done the first step of “Worksheet 1” together, then the students will complete Worksheet 1 on their own, which includes making 4 observations (with tables and sketches) of periodic events.  This assignment is due Wednesday, March 14, 2018.


Lesson 14-

   In addition to our regular, individualized Khan Academy work, we are working on “Absolute Value.”  The Lesson Practice Packet for this lesson is due on Thursday, March 15, 2018.

Social Studies:

Current Events/ Holocaust Studies-

  We read the Scholastic News together in class.  The students answered the questions on the back page, did the accompanying worksheet and filled out the Debate sheet in preparation of our next essay.  The News Quiz is due on Wednesday, March 14, 2018.

U.S. History-

    The students are completing the Chapter 12 Part 5 packet this week.  These materials are already in the students’ binders.  This assignment is due Tuesday, March 20, 2018.

Character Education-

    We are studying the topic of “Honesty” this week.  This daily activity explores honesty means, poses many questions about how honesty is an essential skill in our democratic society, and what it means to be an honest citizen through writing and discussion of each “Morning Message.”

“Do One Thing” Projects- 

    All students are required to do a service learning project this year.  This is called “Do One Thing.”  Every student can “Do One Thing” to make the world a better place, and will be given the opportunity to do so during the school year.  Each student was given a list of days that commemorate a particular cause that may be of interest to the student.  The students chose one topic that he/she feels is a cause worth doing something about, and will “Do One Thing” about it.

    Last month, JD raised funds for the Southern Poverty Law Center by selling chocolate roses- it was a fantastic successes!  Thanks to the whole Roosevelt community for the overwhelming generosity.

    RJ also completed her project.  RJ taught team building skills through games to two of the classes here at RPS.  Great job!

     AS is continuing a long-term project, selling cupcakes to raise money for a “Buddy Bench.”  The cupcakes are on sale every 2nd Friday, with the next date being Friday, March 16, 2018. 

“Big” 6th Grade Graduation Trip-

    One of the perks of being a sixth grade student at Roosevelt Public School is the “big” graduation trip near the end of the year.  As with most perks though, it comes with responsibilities!  The students are responsible for raising the money to pay for the trip (as yet, undecided by the students), and we have a number of fund raising opportunities for the students.

  1. Bullet    We decided the destination for the big trip! The students were divided into groups, with each group assigned a general geographical area to research for a possible destination.  Each group reported back to the class in the form of a presentation, then the class will voted for the destination they want to go.  We had our presentations and vote, and the winner is:

Poconos Resorts!

    More information on the details of the trip after the students again research on the destination, specific to the Poconos, and we will again vote on the specific activities we will do there.

  1. Bullet    The Gertrude Hawk chocolate sale is over.  Orders will be delivered to the school the last week before break, then the students will distribute them to the customers.  Please try to have this done before Spring Break starts.

  1. Bullet    The Talent Show rehearsals are proceeding smoothly.  Remember, all 6th graders are required to participate as this is a joint PTA/6th grade class trip fundraiser.  The Dress Rehearsal is this Wednesday after school (3/14) and The Talent Show is on Thursday, March 15, 2018, at 7 PM.