Mr. Santanello’s 6th Grade Class:

Announcements and

Long-term Assignments

(updated 6/19/17)


Useful Websites:

-Roosevelt Public School Realtime for report cards, etc. :  4th Marking Period grades now online!


-Accelerated Reader list of books with points and reading levels, use this link:

     AR Book Finder

-Accelerated Reader online testing site (for post-reading comprehension test): 

    AR Test (in-school access only)

Summer Independent Reading/Accelerated Reader-

    Your child has been given his/her summer reading assignment.  Each student is to read a book over vacation, do all 15 “BDQ’s” (first bullet below), and take (and pass) the Accelerated Reader test (second bullet below) on the book the first day of school in September. 

  1. “Book Discussion Questions” (BDQ’s)- I have issued each child the reading notebook they will using in 6th grade.  A list of “Book Discussion Questions” (BDQ’s) for the student to answer (in writing) are glued to the inside cover of the notebook.  They are not to wait until they read the whole book to do these BDQ’s; rather, they should be done at regular intervals while they read.  Using the notebook, each question is to be answered by the time your child has finished reading the book, and each answer should be at least five sentences long.  Also, each answer will include the number of the question as well as the date the question was answered.  Your child can answer them in any order they want, as long as they are all done at least once.  They could also take notes on the plot, characters, and setting of the story (optional). 

  2. The Accelerated Reader (AR) tests- The student reads a book then takes an online reading comprehension test using the Accelerated Reader website at school.  Each book is worth a certain amount of points based on its length and reading difficulty.  If the online test is not passed in September, the student will be given an alternate assignment to make up for the low test grade.

  3. On the last day of school all students were given the choice of the following 6th grade-appropriate books:

            The Cay, by Theodore Taylor,

            Island of the Blue Dolphins, by Scott O’Dell, and

            Walk Two Moons, by Sharon Creech

The students picked one of the books and brought it home.  This does not mean that the book the student chose must be the one he/she reads!  During the course of the summer, if your child finds that they don’t like the book, feel it is too hard, etc., your child may find another grade-level appropriate book to read.  This can be from the library, book store, etc.  However, please make sure that the chosen book is on the Accelerated Reader online list of books (most are).  You may access this list using the following link:

I will ask the students on the first day of school which book he/she read to ensure it is on the AR list.  If the book is not on the AR list, I will have to issue him/her a book report form to fill out.

They are of course, required to return his/her book to school in the first week of September, as well as bringing the notebook back for use in 6th grade the rest of the year.  Have a great summer, and see you in September!

-Online math website (daily use and optional homework)

    Khan Academy

-Scholastic News (for research or homework), class password is rpsdragon6:

    Online Edition

    Scholastic News App

-The United States: Making A New Nation online version of textbook:

    US History Online Textbook

-Bibliography Generator (free, and use MLA)